Reglaze is an option for homes with remodeling projects
Reglaze is an option for Charlotte, NC homeowners who are working on redoing their homes. Often, the kitchen and the bathroom are the first two rooms new homeowners will remodel when they purchase a new house or start updating their current house, or making improvements to their homes before selling. Having an updated and contemporary kitchen, and an updated bathroom can help boost the value of your home. So, many homeowners may feel they will have to spend a lot of time and money to achieve their dream kitchen and bathrooms. However, reglaze is an option that can give homeowners the results they want while also saving them time and money.

Reglaze to save money - call Charlotte ResurfacingReglazing a tub or other surface can save homeowners time and money
Many kitchen and bathroom remodel projects can take weeks, or longer, to complete. If the room is requiring a gut before work can begin, the project can seem to stretch on forever with the price quickly adding up. Instead of replacing counters, tiles, tubs, and sinks, consider a reglaze on these surfaces.

Reglaze helps restore the area by recoating it. Our team of professionals complete this work in eight steps. First, they’ll remove the caulk and any residue on and around the surface. Second, any decorative trim that is desired for counters will be applied. Third, we will thoroughly clean the surface to help restore its natural shine. Fourth, the seams will be sealed after any excess water is removed. Fifth, the surrounding area will be protected with drop cloths to protect them from future work. Sixth, a bonding agent is used to adhere the new material to the surface. Seventh, the topcoat and primer are applied. Lastly, our technicians will up the area and their supplies. Sometimes, all the surface needs is a good cleaning, and no additional work is needed after that step.

Customers can save 75-85 percent when they reglaze instead of replace
One significant benefit of doing a reglaze instead of replacing counters, tile, tubs, and more, is the amount of time and money it can save homeowners. On average, customers can anticipate saving 75-85 percent when they reglaze instead of replacing. Most work can also be completed in a single day, rather than customers waiting weeks for their project to be completed.

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Charlotte, NC area homeowners who are planning to remodel their kitchen, bathroom, or other room should be sure to contact Charlotte Resurfacing before starting their project. Be sure to schedule a time for a Charlotte Resurfacing technician to come out to give you a free, no obligation quote and see how they can help you save time and money on your remodeling project.