Tiles can start to look old and dingy as they get dirty
Tile resurfacing can help Charlotte, NC homeowners whose tile looks dirty and dingy. Tile can be found in many rooms of the house, perhaps most commonly in the kitchen and bathroom, and can be expensive to replace. Tile resurfacing is an option for people who want to replace their tile because it looks old or dirty, or for people who love their tile and just want to restore it to its original splendor.

The floor can improve the look of your two most popular rooms
shower and tile before and after Charlotte resurfacingThe two most popular rooms in a house are often the kitchen and the bathroom. The kitchen is usually a gathering place for meals, but can also be a place families come together to bond with games around the kitchen table or cooking a meal together. The kitchen can also be an entertaining space for holiday parties and friendly get togethers. The bathroom is popular since it’s a room everyone must visit each day. Since these rooms are so popular, they are often the first two places homeowners remodel or update.

Tile resurfacing can restore tile, which saves you time and money on your project
The average kitchen remodel project can cost thousands of dollars with the National Kitchen and Bath Association reporting the average cost as $20,556.00. That can be a steep price for many homeowners which can delay their plans to create the kitchen of their dreams. Similarly, bathrooms can also run thousands of dollars to gut and remodel. Both projects can also take weeks, if not a month or more, to complete the project. Tile resurfacing, however, can save homeowners 75 to 85 percent, which can allow people to start their projects.

Tile resurfacing is usually done in eight steps. A technician will arrive at your house and set to work removing old grout, thoroughly cleaning the tile, putting in new caulk, and applying the new material. We are also very careful to protect the area around the tile that is not being worked on and take care to clean up after the work is done.

Tile resurfacing can usually be completed in one day, while most remodel projects take much longer. This allows you to regain access to your room much faster than if you had to remodel it.

There are many reasons to consider tile resurfacing
There are many reasons homeowners may consider tile resurfacing. Some may like the look of their tile and can’t find one they like as well, while others may not be ready to commit to a full gut and redo yet. It can also restore chipped or cracked tile that is otherwise in good shape.

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