Bathtub repair is important


Bathtub repair- rusty bathtub before Charlotte Resurfacing

Rusty bathtub- before Charlotte Resurfacing

Bathtub repair can help restore one of the biggest focal points in Charlotte, NC homeowners’ bathrooms. The bathtub is often the most distinguishable feature in a bathroom. The tub is often one of the first things people notice in a bathroom, and a dingy, rusty, chipped tub can quickly draw the eye, and not in a good way. But replacing a tub can be very costly, often totaling thousands of dollars. Bathtub repair is an option for homeowners to save their tub and save some money.

The average bathroom repair costs thousands of dollars and multiple weeks
A total bathroom remodel can cost a lot of money and take weeks, if not months to complete. Per the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), the average bathroom remodeling project costs $9,348.00, and a new bathtub can be a good portion of that. But, bathtub repair can often be finished in a day and can be done at a fraction of the cost of getting a whole new tub.

Bathtub repair- after Charlotte Resurfacing

Bathtub repair- after Charlotte Resurfacing

Bathtub repair works on many different types of tubs and can fix many different problems
Bathtub repair works on the popular fiberglass and acrylic tubs, as well as on porcelain tubs, cast iron, and even cultured marble. Be sure to ask your repair company if bathtub repair is a good option for your type of tub.

It can also fix many different problems you face with your bathtub. Rust rings are not only unsightly but can be difficult to get out. Bathtub repair may be able to help. It can also work to restore the finish, leaving you with a tub that looks brand new, even though it isn’t.

But perhaps one of the biggest issues with bathtubs is when they start to chip or crack. Bathtub repair can correct the chips and cracks quickly. First, the area is thoroughly cleaned, then sanded down. Once it is sanded down, the technician will fill the area and properly seal it. Then, they will coat it using the best products made and clean up. Leaving you with a restored bathtub that shines.

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Charlotte, NC residents who are interested in learning more about bathtub repair should contact Charlotte Resurfacing. Charlotte Resurfacing has years of experience helping people save money on their remodeling projects and take great pride in producing high quality work that leads to happy customers.

Contact our office to schedule a time for us to take a look at your project. We’ll be happy to give you a free, no obligation on site cost quote. Before throwing out that old claw foot tub or spending thousands of dollars picking out a new one, be sure to check into bathtub repair.