You can refinish a counter, tub, or cabinets instead of replacing them during a remodel

Refinish is an option for Charlotte, NC homeowners who are considering replacing a tub, tile, shower, counter, or countertop as part of their home renovation project. Remodels that require the room to be gutted and replaced can run thousands upon thousands of dollars and can take weeks, if not longer, to complete. This leaves homeowners without the use of that room for a long time while the cost may inhibit many people’s ability even to begin their renovation project.

Before and after refinishing with CharlottA resurfacing can be done on many different surfaces in many different rooms

There are many different items and surfaces that you can refinish instead of replacing. Refinish can help repair cracks in countertops or help make older cabinets look new again. It can also cause old, dingy tile look clean and fresh again. Tubs and showers, as well as sinks, can also benefit from a refinish as it can repair cracks and chips in a variety of types of tubs. No matter what room theses items may be in, kitchen, bathroom, mudroom, or even dining room, refinish can help these pieces look like new again.

There are eight steps to complete this process

There are eight steps Charlotte Resurfacing uses to complete this process. Each step is done by an experienced technician who takes great care to give you the best results possible. The process starts with removing old caulk and residue before new trim is added and the area is given a deep clean. The seams are then sealed, and the area surrounding the surface is covered to protect it. The technician will then apply a bonding agent that will adhere the new material to the old before a primer and topcoat is applied. Finally, the technician will clean up the materials and the area they were working in.

Refinish can save homeowners time and money

There are many reasons homeowners should consider a refinish job instead of replacing their items. First, it can save people time. Instead of taking weeks, like a remodel job does, a refinish can usually be completed in one day.

Second, it saves homeowners money. If the price of your renovation project is inhibiting you from starting your project, consider refinish. This process can potentially save you 75 to 85 percent than you’d spend gutting and replacing.

Contact Charlotte Resurfacing to learn more

Charlotte, NC homeowners should be sure to contact Charlotte Resurfacing before starting their project to learn more about refinish. Charlotte Resurfacing will be happy to discuss how it works and come on site to give you a free, no obligation estimate for your project.