The countertops are often one of the biggest features in a kitchen and bathroom
Countertop refinishing is one way Charlotte, NC homeowners can quickly improve the looks of a kitchen or bathroom. When starting a remodeling project for a kitchen or a bathroom, one of the first things owners must decide on is the countertop. If it is chipped, missing pieces, or has unsightly seams, it can leave the room looking old and dingy. Countertop refinishing can correct many problems and leave you with beautiful counters that look new.

Kitchen countertops before after Charlotte ResurfacingThe two most used rooms in the house are often the first to be redone
The bathroom and the kitchen are the two most used rooms in the house. Families and friends often gather in the kitchen to eat, hang out, or cook together, while the bathroom is a room everyone visits daily. Both rooms can boost the value of a home and are one of the first things people want to see, and often, are the first two rooms people remodel when purchasing a new house.

The time and money associated with new countertops can be a deterrent for many people
The cost of new countertops can often deter people from starting their remodeling projects. And, since these rooms are used daily, the time that is needed to install new countertops and remodel can also scare people away from getting the countertops they desire. Countertop refinishing may be an option for you.

Countertop refinishing can repair a variety of issues on many different types of countertops. Laminate that has peeled off, chipped, or gone missing can be repaired through countertop refinishing, leaving the countertop looking new. Beveled edges can be installed to enhance the appearance of the countertop and help taper off sharp corners that not only can look bad but can be dangerous as well.

Grout can often cause problems on countertops. If the grout gets dirty it can start to look bad and leave the countertop looking dirty and old. Countertop refinishing can clean the grout and repair any parts that are necessary, leaving a much cleaner looking countertop.

Often, counter refinishing can be done in a single day
Most counter refinishing can be done in a day, whereas a gut and remodel project can take weeks or months. The quick work time means you won’t have to figure out ways to avoid one of your most popular rooms for weeks while work is done.

Charlotte Resurfacing offers counter refinishing and more
Charlotte, NC residents who are considering installing new countertops should contact Charlotte Resurfacing. See how counter resurfacing can help make your counters look like new, while also saving you time and money. Call today to schedule a time to get your on site, free, no obligation quote on your project.