Kitchen refacing is a cost effective solution for homeowners in Charlotte, NC

Kitchen refacing- Before and after Charlotte Resurfacing

Kitchen refacing- Before and after Charlotte Resurfacing

It can costs thousands of dollars to completely redo a kitchen. Kitchen refacing is a great alternative to gutting and redoing your kitchen for Charlotte, NC residents. The cost of some home improvement projects can be a deterrent for some homeowners who may need to wait years to get the kitchen or bathroom they dream of while they save money for the remodel. But refacing is a cost effective alternative that can give you a beautiful home at much lower price than a total rebuild.

Refacing can be done on many different items and in some of your most popular rooms

Refacing is a great way to improve a feature in your bathroom or kitchen without completely replacing it. This cost saving remodeling device could save customers 75 to 85 percent, on average, than if they gutted and remodeled the rooms and items in them.

Refacing can be done on many different items. In the kitchen, refacing can help improve the look of your backsplash, tile, sinks, and countertops. In the bathroom, see how refacing can help improve the tile, sinks, shower, and even claw foot and porcelain bathtubs. It is also an excellent way to get your shower looking its best after removing glass, sliding doors.

There are many benefits to refacing over replacing
There are many reasons to consider refacing instead of replacing your tiles, tubs, sinks, and countertops. Though probably the most exciting benefit for homeowners is the savings, refacing has many other advantages as well.

It can save a lot of time. Many remodels that require the room to be gutted can drag on for weeks or even months, which may leave the room unusable for long periods of time. If you resurface, it can usually be done in a day. Though it sometimes may take more than one day, it is still much faster than a total remodel. Sometimes, all the tub or sink needs is a good chemical cleaning and resurfacing and refacing aren’t even needed.

It can boost the value of your home. A beautiful kitchen and bathroom can make your home more attractive to buyers if you have your home on the market. Refacing is a great way to quickly improve the house’s looks and boost its market value.

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