Realtors and home stagers alike will tell you that when preparing your home for sale, one absolutely necessary step is to remove your personal effects and taste from the house. The more neutral the home decor and color palette, the more likely prospective buyers will be able to envision themselves moving in. Here are some tips for selling your home faster and for more money.

You may have what you believe to be amazing taste, but it may not be what the average home buyer prefers. You may be a collector of many “cool” things, but clutter is distracting and makes rooms look smaller. Your primary goal in preparing your home for sale is to help a buyer imagine themselves living in it. This is easiest achieved if there are no personal effects that distract someone from being able to see your home as their own.

Check out this very helpful DIY interior design and home staging website at The authors of the site warn that in addition to clutter, unfinished projects and damage (no matter how small) may scare buyers away. If anything in your home is damaged, definitely get it repaired prior to putting the house on the market. Obvious, necessary repairs are not only a turn off to buyers, but they also create concerns that larger problems may exist that cannot easily be detected without hiring a licensed inspector or contractor.

If you are a homeowner that is preparing your home for sale, definitely take a look at and other free resources available online. Also, consult with design experts for interior decor ideas, exterior color choices and landscape design. Curb appeal is HUGE when selling a home!

We at Charlotte Resurfacing would love to consult with you on resurfacing possibilities for those worn, damaged, or dated tubs and countertops in your home. We also repair and refinish cracked broken fiberglass and plastic shower liners, ceramic tile, and grout. Whatever surface in your kitchen or bathroom is too personalized for sale or damaged, we can provide recommendations and cost saving solutions. Resurfacing of tubs, showers, sinks, tile and countertops can usually be completed in a single day and at a cost savings of 75-85% over replacement.

Call us for a free in home consultation and price quote for all of your kitchen and bath resurfacing needs. We are also happy to refer you to some of our favorite Realtors, home inspectors, home stagers and home improvement contractors that we believe exhibit the skills and professionalism to help you get the job done well.