Remodeling kitchens and bathrooms can cost homeowners a lot of money
Resurface countertops is one option Charlotte, NC homeowners should consider when planning on remodeling their kitchen or bathroom. Gutting and replacing countertops can cost homeowners a lot of money and take a long time to complete. In fact, the National Kitchen and Bath Association reports the average bathroom remodel costs around $9,348.00 while the average kitchen job comes in at $20,556.00. This is a serious amount of money which can inhibit homeowners from taking the plunge and starting their remodel job.

Before and after counter resurfacing

Before and after counter resurfacing

The bathroom and the kitchen are the most two used rooms in a home
There are multiple reasons people want to remodel their kitchen or bathroom and keep them looking their best. First, is the fact that these two rooms are the two most used rooms in a home. Families often gather around the kitchen table for meals and game night or gather in the kitchen to cook a meal as a family. The kitchen is also commonly used as an entertaining space for many people while the bathroom is a room everyone must use a few times each day.

Another reason people may want to be sure to keep these rooms in top shape is they can boost the value of a home. Many people want to see the kitchen of a home they are considering buying first. So having an updated, fresh kitchen can do wonders.

Resurface countertops is an options for Charlotte, NC homeowners and investors
Before you rip out and replace the countertops that are already in your home, consider resurfacing countertops as an option instead. When you resurface countertops, you save both time and money on your remodel project. This process can fix cracks in the counter, add beveled edges, and replace any chipped or missing pieces.

If you decide to resurface countertops in your bathroom or kitchen, a technician will arrive and can usually complete the project in one day as opposed to weeks if you replace. This technique also saves you money, and homeowners who resurface countertops instead of replacing them can anticipate saving 75 to 85 percent than if they replaced them. If the cost of replacing your countertops has you double thinking your remodeling project, be sure to look into resurface countertops instead.

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