Tile restoration can help improve the looks of your favorite rooms quickly

Tiles before and after Charlotte ResurfacinTile restoration is a popular way for Charlotte, NC residents to breathe new life into their kitchen or bathroom. Instead of picking out all new tile, which would also require the removal of the old, many homeowners opt to restore the original tile. It may have more character or a new tile in a similar design may not be able to be found. But perhaps the biggest draws to tile restoration is the money and time it can save you on your remodeling project.

Gutting and rebuilding a room can be costly and time consuming

The kitchen and the bathroom are two of the most used rooms in a home. So, many homeowners take great care in making those rooms look their best by gutting the rooms and starting over. However, this can be costly and very time consuming for the owners.

The National Kitchen and Bath Association reports that the average kitchen remodel can run $20,556.00 while the average bathroom remodel can cost $9,348.00. These high prices can cause many homeowners to put off creating the kitchen or bathroom of their dreams. Another deterrent to starting a remodel project is the time it can take to complete, as many people don’t want to have to wait weeks, or even months, for the project to be complete. Thankfully, there is another option.

Restoring tiles can make a big difference for a fraction of the cost

Tile restoration is one way homeowners can make a big difference in the room without spending a ton of money. If the tile in your bathroom or kitchen is the largest problem with the room, consider tile restoration. This quick, cost effective method can save your old tile, and by extension, some of the character of your house.

If your tile is chipped, faded, or the grout is looking less than its best, consider tile restoration. The technician will follow our eight step process to clean and restore tile, leaving it looking like new. Sometimes just a good cleaning can leave the tile looking like its best.

One major benefit of tile restoration is the money and time it saves. Typically, homeowners can anticipate spending 75-85% less if they do tile restoration than if they tore out the old stuff and put in new tile. It also can usually be done in a day, meaning homeowners aren’t left waiting weeks for results.

Charlotte Resurfacing offers tile restoration and more

Charlotte, NC residents who are looking to start a remodeling project should contact Charlotte Resurfacing. Not only do they offer tile restoration serves, but they offer other cost saving services such as tub restoration and counter restoration as well. Be sure to contact their office today to schedule a time for a free, no obligation price quote on your project.